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The Minister of Defence, the highest hierarchical and disciplinary authority responsible for the military and civil administration of defence:

implements the defence and security resolutions adopted by the Government, submitted to the Defence Supreme Council and approved by Parliament;

issues directives in the field of military policy, intelligence, security and technical-administrative activities;

participates, either directly or through his delegate, in all international and European organisations concerned with defence and military security or whose decisions may affect personal defence;

approves the joint general and operational planning with the resulting technical-financial programmes as well as the planning for state and private defence industry.

During the annual presentation of the Defence Estimates, the Minister briefs Parliament on:

the evolution of the strategic environment and the military implications of the status of alliances;

the development of joint operational commitments with regard to the armed forces' operational capability/readiness and the required adjustments;

the cost estimates incorporated in the measures envisaged by the Budget Law;

the allocation of financial resources on the basis of operational and administrative commitments and spending sectors as well as the implications of such allocation for the readiness of the Armed Forces;

the status of investment programmes and of the measures aimed at restructuring/improving the military posture, including the assessment of their cost-effectiveness.

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