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The evolving war: from laser bombs to directed energy weapons

Tecnica, professione e società - Francesco Palmas

Roma,  21 febbraio 2013

By 2030, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) will radically change the nature of war. DEWs will be able to graduate the power according to necessity, with lethal or non-lethal effects. At low energy, the laser will be employable in anti-piracy, peacekeeping and law enforcement operations; at high power, it will shoot down missiles and aircrafts, destroy flying drones, delivery anti-RAM firing and annihilate moving targets. The DEWs class is very wide, including not only lasers but also microwave weapons and Radio Frequency Guided Munitions. Italy has its own project: the so-called DESTO, an Active Denial System realized by Selex Sistemi Integrati to stop advancing adversaries by cripping the electrical parts of engines with electromagnetic waves.