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Step by step: the new online Defense journal

Idee ed Esperienze - Massimo Fogari

Roma,  1 maggio 2012

There are moments in life when a change is needed in order to address the challenges ahead. This is true also for our national institutions, at political, economic, cultural and social level. And the Italian Defense General Staff is no exception. The challenges we face today are manifold, not only from a strictly military perspective. As a matter of fact, many external elements provide a sound and valid contribution to the efficiency and efficacy of our defense. In a post modern era, a proper communication strategy is a key aspect for the development of our structure as well as the increase in public awareness of defense-related topics and in public support. In a global village, where the flow of information is huge, it is pivotal to be in the forefront in terms of both tools and contents. And nowadays the first communication tool is the web. Indeed, the sudden development of internet has changed the way we communicate and this change is probably the most important breakthrough in contemporary societies. Let’s think of the social networks: just few years ago Facebook, Twitter and YouTube did not exist. But in 2008 Obama won the presidential election thanks to them. Innovation changes the world we live in and we must adapt to it at a fast pace, or we run the risk to be cut off. We take up the challenge. The Italian Defense General Staff state-of-the-art website is by now a reference not only for all Italian military members, but also for journalists, scholars, professionals dealing with defense issues, political authorities and common citizens. However, the demand for online news other than the institution structure, press releases and speeches is increasing, encompassing in-depth analysis of the areas of operations where our country is actively engaged as well as of other areas of crisis, Thus in order to provide a first answer to these demands and to keep our website updated, the italian defense general staff’s brand new electronic journal, “informazioni della difesa online” will be complementary to the bi-monthly magazine issue, which is already well known to our readers. the journal will have a blog-style format and more articles. This endeavor aims at providing further open, high-quality, and cost-effective information promoting the image of a modern, dynamic and technically advanced prestigious institution. We are proud for this new, albeit little, step forward. I am confident that the new electronic journal will have many followers among the Internet surfers and will become a valid source for all defense issues lovers.
And many other steps will follow.

(Translation by Cristiana Era)