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Tuberculosis: Two Documents on Prevention and Control

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Roma,  22 marzo 2013

The Italian Conference of State and Regions has approved two documents in the framework of initiatives to fight tuberculosis:

1. Tuberculosis Control: Health Targets, Standards and Indicators 2013-2016. 
The main objects are: improving the national tuberculosis control system; implementing, at regional level, national guide lines into technical and operational guidelines for disease control activities;    starting up special training for healthcare providers.

2. Tuberculosis Prevention in Healthcare Providers.
The main object is to supply accurate and univocal information on measures of TB prevention and control in healthcare workers who are exposed to a higher risk of infection, and to assure a homogeneous enforcement of such measures.

Tuberculosis is still critical for national and worldwide public health. Every year there are more that 9 million of new TB cases in the world and over 1 million of deaths. Although the World Health Organization considers Italy as a “low endemic country” – as there are less than 10 cases every 100,000 people – most cases concern subjects who have difficulties to access to healthcare services (immigrants, elderlies, detainees).
Furthermore, healthcare providers – because of their working activity - are at higher risk to be infected.

Source: Italian Ministry of Health



Documents attached:


Tuberculosis Control: health targets, standards and indicators 2013-2016

Tuberculosis prevention in Healthcare Providers and Health Care workers